Social Responsibility and Public Value at CBC/Radio-Canada —
Citizenship: Inside and Out

Social responsibility, sustainable development, corporate citizenship — while the vocabulary is wide-ranging, it’s essentially about helping to bring about a better world and taking public and employee interest into account in how a company does business and the choices it makes.

Making Canada a better place is at the heart of CBC/Radio-Canada’s democratic and cultural mandate. Almost everything that we do is about, or touches on, public value. Our public value is derived from a combination of what we do and how we do it. Our public value is about serving citizens and being a good corporate citizen — through the programming and community activities we offer to the public — through our social, environmental and business practices — and through our internal, employee-related activities. No other Canadian broadcaster offers this country’s citizens public value to the extent or depth of that offered by CBC/Radio-Canada.

Public value is at the core of our strategy to make CBC/Radio-Canada the public space at the heart of our conversations and experiences as Canadians.