Doing Things Better — A Unique Joint Initiative at CBC/Radio-Canada

Doing Things Better — A Unique Joint Initiative at CBC/Radio-Canada

Published date: Aug. 28, 2012

In 2008, Hubert T. Lacroix, President and CEO, asked employees to suggest ways to be more efficient and cut costs at the Corporation.  Employee response was quick and intelligent, and many improvements were implemented.

This creative involvement between management and staff, carried out smoothly via our Intranet site, blossomed into further exchanges for the purpose of taking responsibility for change under a program called Responsibility Matters.  The next instalment, Doing Things Better, brought staff and management together again to develop improved, cost-effective work methods to save money, be more efficient, more socially responsible, and more environmentally conscious.

Our 2010 Dialogue Employee Engagement Survey further underscored our employees’ interest in being part of an even more forward-looking corporation, for the purpose of strengthening our contributions to the communities we serve.  Doing Things Better helps us articulate the way.

At the website, staff report on how they are doing things differently and pitch hundreds of ideas which are then vetted by a committee for feasibility and timing.  The site also features stories about how the Corporation is ameliorating working conditions and outcomes, in response to employee suggestions, and suggests initiatives that individuals can choose to undertake to contribute to improvements.

Altogether, Doing Things Better is a cordial, collegial conversation that contributes to smart business practices and fruitful engagement between and amongst employees and management.  Inviting all employees to help us move forward, the site sums up the challenge of doing things better: “It’s a mindset we must instill and act on for sustainable change.  Let’s stir things up!”

Quick facts

    • In 2008, the CBC/Radio-Canada President and CEO asked employees and management to collectively pitch ideas for saving money and increasing efficiency.
    • This highly successful initiative led to an online forum and action program called Responsibility Matters, emphasising the role of every employee in making improvements to help us better serve Canadians.
    • Our latest program, Doing Things Better, echoes our employees’ expressed desire to help CBC/Radio-Canada evolve into an even more forward-looking corporation.
    • Doing Things Better features stories about what the Corporation is doing to improve working conditions and outcomes, in response to employee suggestions, and what individuals can do as their personal initiatives for improvement.
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