To Your Health!

To Your Health!

Published date: Feb. 22, 2013

L’épicerie is a program for the foodie, the curious, the health-conscious — and the cook.

In its 11th season this year, the weekly Télévision de Radio-Canada program educates viewers on all things related to food — its sources, distribution and safety; the numerous and joyous connections between food, culture and society; the blending of diverse culinary traditions into the familiar; and issues such as how food improves or diminishes our health.

In recent episodes, for instance, hosts Johane Despins and Denis Gagné have examined current and pressing challenges, including the growing problem of obesity amongst young people.  They have also taken viewers into a meat processing plant to find out how daily cleaning is accomplished in order to keep products safe for consumers.  And, they have brought us to a family farm in Québec to learn about how bison are raised, and about the health benefits of lean bison meat compared to those related to beef consumption.

And then there are the recipes — from the practical to the sumptuous!

Given the importance of food and food production in our lives, it makes a great deal of sense for Canada’s public broadcaster to be covering these issues.  After all, what we eat, and how we eat it, strongly influences our health and happiness.  And clearly, a better informed public will be more capable of taking personal responsibility for themselves, while contributing to the overall health of society.

L’épicerie aligns with CBC/Radio-Canada’s 2015: Everyone, Every way strategy, which commits the public broadcaster to deepening our relationship with, and engaging with, Canadians in new ways.  The program strengthens our commitment to expressing the country’s culture and enriching its democratic life; as well as extending our leadership in creating and nurturing Canadian digital spaces.  As such, L’épicerie is widely available to viewers on Télévision de Radio-Canada, RDI,, and

L’épicerie: we invite you to sample this delicacy!

Quick facts

    • L’épicerie is a weekly public broadcasting program that aims to educate viewers on where our food comes from, its safety and our health.  Its journalistic approach — at once rigourous and appealing — is unusual amongst programs dealing with this subject matter.
    • Understanding food-related issues leads to better personal choices and a healthier society.
    • L’épicerie has been seen on Télévision de Radio-Canada for 11 years, and is also available on RDI,, and
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