Employing Excellence to Create Excellence for Canadians Boucar Diouf, Rashi Nashalik, Wab Kinew, Pénélope McQuade, Ian Hanomansing, Joselito Michaud, Adrian Harewood, Monique Giroux, Anne-Marie Mediwake, Francis Ready, Lise Payette, Jean-Philippe Wauthier, Cassie Campbell-Pascall

Employing Excellence to Create Excellence for Canadians

Published date: May 31, 2012

At Canada’s national public broadcaster, people have always been the source of our success. Therefore, we look to hire the best. We search for excellence because we know that highly skilled people create and deliver excellent programming for Canadians. We also know that our commitment to inclusion and diversity greatly strengthens our ability to attract and retain the most capable, and to maintain our overall position of excellence.

For CBC/Radio-Canada, promoting inclusion and diversity goes well beyond meeting the expectations of the Employment Equity Act. In a variety of ways, we exceed the requirement to hire members of designated groups: women, Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minority groups. Collaborating with our unions, we have developed a three-year strategic plan to further promote inclusion and diversity and to invest in talent recruitment and management, succession planning and leadership development. Already, two new inclusion and diversity directors’ roles have been created for CBC and Radio-Canada, and they are both staffed by women.

With respect to employment of women at CBC/Radio-Canada, how are we doing?

  • our general workforce — in 2009, 45 per cent were women (industry standard — 43 per cent);

  • marketing, sales, public relations, and communications — 68 per cent women (industry standard — 46 per cent);

  • production — 48 per cent (industry standard — 37 per cent);

  • finance services — 61 per cent (industry standards — 49 per cent);

  • women executives — 42 per cent (up from 29 per cent in 2006);

  • Senior Executive Team — nearly 50 per cent (a 30 per cent increase since 2008).

Our work in recruiting highly qualified women has not gone unnoticed:

  • in April 2011, CBC/Radio-Canada was awarded the CWC 2011 Employer Excellence Award — Change Champion, for making organisation-wide change with respect to gender diversity;

  • in March 2011, the International Women’s Media Foundation Leaders Conference in Washington cited CBC News as one of five “exemplary” news media organisations around the world considered models for working women in their regions;

  • in 2010, CBC’s Kirstine Stewart was named the Canadian Women in Communications’ (CWC) Woman of the Year; she was also appointed Executive Vice-President of CBC/Radio-Canada’s English Services in January 2011; and was the invited speaker at CWC’s “Be Inspired” Luncheon in Ottawa in March 2011.

We also strive to recruit excellent diverse employees in the following ways:

  • we have established a National Inclusion and Diversity Executive Committee to ensure that the Corporate Diversity and Equity Plan (2009-2012) is implemented appropriately, monitored, revised where necessary, and reported on accountably;

  • we have many new faces and voices as our hosts, anchors and journalists; they represent the demographic make-up of the country, and they make us the most diverse of all Canadian services;

  • we offer internships, mentoring, training, and scholarships to attract excellent diverse candidates for on- and off-screen; many are offered continuing work with the Corporation;

  • we invest in building improvements to ensure accessibility for people with impaired mobility, sight and hearing; adjustments to workstations and job functions for those returning from disability leave; and ergonomic assessments;

  • we foster a supportive and inclusive workplace; and,

  • we have a mandatory training program for managers which includes diversity in its content.

And why is all of this important?

Our employment practices bring the dynamic diversity of Canadian society into our workforce. In turn, our workforce brings the ideas, aspirations and knowledge of the wider Canadian society to decision-making at the Corporation and also to the behind-the-scenes creation of our programming.

On our airwaves, we strive for clear representation of inclusion and diversity, everyday. Our journalists, hosts, actors, and programming content both reflect Canadian society and attract audiences from every neighbourhood of Canada.

Excellence for excellence: by hiring highly skilled, diverse talent, CBC/Radio-Canada is here for all Canadians — everyone, every way.

Quick facts

  • We exceed the expectations of the Employment Equity Act for promoting inclusion and diversity.

  • With our unions, we have developed a plan to further promote inclusion and diversity, and to invest in talent recruitment and management, succession planning and leadership development.

  • Our rate of employment of women is well above industry standard.

  • Our recruitment of highly qualified women has earned awards.

  • We foster a supportive and inclusive workplace.

  • Our diverse workforce reflects and contributes the ideas and knowledge of contemporary Canadian society — for the creation of better programming for all.

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